Highlights from 2018 by artists working with us at DEF

DEF Artists

Fever Ray – Tour

The Fever Ray tour spanned America, North America and Europe.

M83 – Soundtrack to Knife + Heart

Anthony scored his brother Yann Gonzalez’s film ‘Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur’ (Knife+Heart)

Moby – Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt trilogy 

‘This Wild Darkness’, was the third single from Moby’s ‘Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt’ album released in March of this year.

‘Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt’ East/West Session

‘Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt’ – Remixes

Mylo – ‘Lovers’ track with Louis La Roche 

Rex The Dog – Crasher

Self – released EP ‘Crasher’ via Kompakt Records

Robyn – Honey

After an eight year hiatus, Honey was released into the world to critical acclaim. This is the official video for the albums title track.

The video for the first single ‘Missing U’ was filmed at a party in New York held by fans where Robyn made a surprise appearance.

Röyksopp – 20th Anniversary Show at Bergen Kjøtt

Photograph taken by Eli Florentine

Susanne Sundfør – Music For People In Trouble Live Shows

Live Performance of ‘Undercover’ at the Stoller Hall

Olof Dreijer – Truancy Volume 204

Olof’s Truants mix made it to The Guardian’s ‘Best DJ Mixes of 2018


Featured vocalist on ‘Human Being’, track from Robyn’s album Honey.

Bert Songs Artists

The Irrepressibles

Premiere of track ‘Submission’ on Nowness 


Kickstarter campaign independently funded her ‘Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten’ world-tour in just 4 days. 

ionnalee with Jamie Irrepressible – Dunes of Sand

Mellowdrone – ‘Let It Out’ (Radio Edit)

After almost a decade-long hiatus Mellowdrone returned in 2018 with two EPs; ‘Let It Out’ is the single from the EP ‘3’.

Felsmann + Tiley – ‘October’

A new signing to Berts Songs, this is a track from their latest release Tempora.