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Moby – ‘The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne)’

New video for Moby’The Perfect Life featuring vocals from Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, directed by Evan Bernard

the idea for ‘the perfect life’ video is pretty simple…wayne and i in mariachi costumes walking around l.a picking up a very random and disparate bunch of disenfranchised oddballs and leading them via trolley to a giant party on a roof overlooking l.a while the sun sets. – Moby

Moby announces new album for 2013

Moby’s new album is called Innocents. You can hear the first track from it called A Case For Shame, featuring Cold Specks. Take a listen below.

More information about the release is available here. Moby also created an announcement video, available below:

Man Without Country ‘RMX’ on Spotify

Man Without Country have released a compilation of their remixes for the likes of M83, Moby, Archive, School of Seven Bells, Active Child, Susanne Sundfør, Chad Valley, Lanterns On The Lake and Hannah Cohen. You can listen on Spotify now.

Moby & Swatch team up for special edition watch

Moby has collaborated with Swiss watch maker Swatch on a special edition ‘little idiot’ watch.

The watch is available in a limited edition of 7777 pieces and comes in special packaging, with prints of Moby’s hand drawn ‘little idiot’ character adorning both the time piece itself and its packaging. Find out where to buy the ‘little idiot’ watch here.

Moby’s Los Angeles Architecture Blog

Moby has started a new Blog to document the “strange and wonderful” architecture of Los Angeles. Check out the site here and watch Moby talk to Tumblr Storyboard about the Blog in the video above.

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