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DEF in 2016

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

M83 – Do It, Try It

Röyksopp – Never Ever (Featuring Susanne Sundfør)

Robyn – RMX/RBN Project

Susanne Sundfør – Reincarnation

Rex The Dog – Teufelsberg (Modular Video)

Mylo – Transmissions

Karim & Karam – Klit Karma Mix

Olof Dreijer – Rinse FM Mix

Zhala Remix of Robyn – Stars 4 Ever

DEF Christmas Songs

A selection of Christmas songs chosen by DEF artists and staff members…

David Bowie & Bing Crosby – Little Drummer Boy

Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

Erasure – She Wont Be Home (Lonely Christmas)

The Knife – Reindeer

Low – Just Like Christmas

Mary J Blige – Christmas In The City

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Nils Bech – O Helga Natt

Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind

Röyksopp – Le Cantique de Noel

Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis

Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg – Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto

Sparks – Thank God It’s Not Christmas

Wiley – Cheer Up, It’s Christmas

DEF Covers

Inspired by the recent chart success of a cover of a DEF artist’s track we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite covers by and of DEF artists. Featuring Robyn, Moby, Röyksopp, Susanne Sundfør & Fever Ray.

DEF Artists at Glastonbury Festival

This weekend’s Glastonbury Festival saw the return of M83 after their debut in 2005. You can watch the performance in full here. Moby was the first to perform at Glastonbury in 1998, returning in 2001 before going to the headline in 2003 as the first def artist. In 2005, both Röyksopp & Mylo returned having made their respective debuts in  2003 & 2004 respectively. Robyn made her only appearance at the festival so far in 2011.

Moby 2003

History of DEF at Coachella

Röyksopp made their Coachella debut this weekend. Moby was the first of our artists to perform, playing at the first ever Coachella in 1999. M83 made their Coachella debut in 2005 and Mylo DJ’d before Madonna in 2006. Fever Ray played in 2010 and Robyn in 2011. M83 returned in 2012 followed by Moby’s legendary DJ set in 2013. The Knife played Coachella as part of their Shaking The Habitual tour in 2014. M83 started their worldwide Junk Tour their in 2016.

DEF’s Top Ten of 2015

The Dø – Trustful Hands

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – Almost Loved

Rex The Dog – Musik Hypnotises

Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – Love Is Free (ft Maluca)

Susanne Sundfør – Accelerate

Zhala – Holy Bubbles

Man Without Country – Romanek

Röyksopp – I Had This Thing

M83 – Holes In The Sky ft. Haim

iamamiwhoami – CONCERT IN BLUE (live 2015)

Follow these as a playlist of Spotify or Youtube.

Diane Charlemagne Tribute

On Wednesday our friend , the legendary and beautiful Diane Charlemangne lost her battle with cancer.

I would like to remember Diane for the creative force she was.

Diane became the voice of moby’s live shows for years. Diane was known to be the voice of the Goldie classic Innercity Life and the face of the Urban Cookie Collective. The first time we worked with Diane was when she joined her fellow Mancunians Eskimos & Egypt for Fall From Grace.

Diane’s big heart and and big voice will never be forgotten. the music will stand as a legacy to her special talent.

Diane, Rest In Peace

The Future of DEF in 2015 – Part 3 – Moby

moby is working on another album inspired by the friendly apocalypse which is due for release in 2015. he’s also writing a memoir that will be released in 2016. he’s also taking more pictures of the aforementioned friendly apocalypse.

Moby new best

Innocents Film

Impressionistic film about Moby‘s Innocents. Directed by Marcus Herring.

Moby BitTorrent

Moby x BitTorrent

Moby has launched an innovative campaign with BitTorrent, sharing the entire stem catalog from innocents as a BitTorrent Bundle. Download the Bundle here, and unlock the album experience: four new tracks, three music videos, and album art. Find out more about the Bundle here, with further instructions for downloading.

one of the things that i love about the digital present (as opposed to the digital future) is the way in which people can bypass the old and arbitrary gate-keepers. i’m personally a huge fan of the back and forth dialectic that’s possible with things like bittorrent, when information is shared and modified and the lines between, creator and audience are ultimately blurred. –Moby

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