History of DEF at Coachella

M83 made a return to playing festivals last Friday as they took to the stage at Coachella Festival for the 3rd time in their career. Moby was the first of our artists to perform, playing at the first ever Coachella in 1999. M83 made their Coachella debut in 2005 and Mylo DJ’d before Madonna in 2006. Fever Ray played in 2010 and Robyn in 2011. M83 returned in 2012 followed by Moby’s legendary DJ set in 2013. The Knife played Coachella as part of their Shaking The Habitual tour in 2014.

First Coachella poster


Fever Ray in 2010

Fever Ray DEF Coachella

Robyn in 2011

Robyn DEF Coachella

M83 in 2012

M83 DEF coachella

Moby in 2013

Moby def coachella

The Knife in 2014

The Knife DEF Coachella

M83 in 2016


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