M83 & Susanne Sundfør working on Oblivion track

Anthony Gonzalez from M83 has been working on the score for the forthcoming Tom Cruise movie Oblivion with composer Joseph Trapanese (TRON: Uprising, The Raid: Redemption).

The score features a hybrid of the traditional M83 electronic sound combined with sweeping orchestral elements. It has 16 score cues, along with a brand new song by M83 featuring Susanne Sundfør used as the end title for the film, listen to it below:

oblivion console by Joseph Trapanese
Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Trapanese in the studio by Joseph Trapanese

Anthony discusses the scoring process:

“It was challenging, to say, writing the music for Oblivion during my tour with M83. In the back of the tour bus, I had a small set up and was making music whenever I could. It was a little complicated at first but a great way to take a break from the tour and lose myself in Oblivion’s score. Joseph Kosinski had a pretty good idea of what the music would be for the movie, and it took me finding a way to make him happy and make me happy during the process. The soundtrack is truly a collaboration between Joseph Kosinski, Joe Trapanese and myself.

Scoring the film was a true enjoyment, it involved lots of stress, lots of sweat, and lots of hard work, but in the end, the soundtrack serves the movie very well. It really is a great Hollywood soundtrack. Oblivion is a big film with a big sound and a big orchestra, and while the soundtrack is different from my original idea, in the end I am very proud of it. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this journey.”

oblivion studio by Joseph Trapanese
Anthony Gonzalez, Satoshi Noguchi & Joseph Trapanese in the studio by Joseph Trapanese

Oblivion’s director, Joseph Kosinski, concludes:

“Anthony creates music that is aspirational, emotional and uniquely his own. I teamed him with Joe Trapanese, who I worked with on my first film and another phenomenal talent. Together they have created the score that I have dreamed about since I first put this story down on paper eight years ago.”

M83 and Joseph Kosinski
Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Kosinski

Listen to StarWaves, the first track to be revealed from the Oblivion score below:

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